Lorenzo Budello at work

Artist and fine art conservator Lorenzo Budello was born in the Sicilian town of Leonforte in 1959. The artist’s practice includes a series of masterly paintings engaged in the present and the past with a uniquely visual dialectic. Specifically, the artist’s motifs and dialogues draw from various sources and interests such as Byzantine art, the intersection of the east and west in Georgian culture, 20th-century warfare, as well as contemporary and historic problems of conflict, and ecological issues.

In addition to his artistic practice, Budello is a leading art conservator, serving as Vice President of the Consorzio Romana Restauri (2000-2005). Over the past twenty years, Budello has contributed significantly to the restoration of major cultural and historic monuments. Select projects include cultural landmarks such as the Maderno Atrium of St. Peter’s Basilica, the Spanish Steps, and most recently, the Coliseum. Budello’s unique background as a professional conservator and art restorer has led to an interwoven style that reflects classical technique with contemporary subject matter. Budello holds his Honours Degree, BA, 1988, Academy of Fine Arts, Rome and his MA, Painting and Restoration, Specialization in Byzantine Religious Iconography, University of Fine Art, Tbilisi, Georgia (1990).

Specifically, Budello’s painting responds to 20th-century conflicts through the lens of iconography and abstraction. The artist’s practice keenly illustrates the contrast between living in places that maintain societal order and structure, and the terror of living without such security. His time spent in Georgia, a country where east and west uniquely collide, represents an important moment of development. Not only in terms of exhibitions and reception of his work but his connection to lived experience and the reality of 20th-century conflict. Sadly, many of his works were lost during the Georgian civil war of 1991. It should be said that the inter-ethnic and intra-national conflicts in the regions deeply affected the artist and have a notable presence in his work.

Today the artist lives and works in Rome and maintains a studio in Pigneto while continuing to contribute to the restoration and conservation of Italy’s most celebrated artefacts, art and monuments.

Select solo exhibitions include; Room 15, Rome, Italy (2015); Galleria Sharden, Tbilisi, Georgia (2012); Studio A.T.T. International, Ascoli Piceno, Italy (2001); and Galleria Lurgi, Tbilisi, Georgia (1992).

Notable curated group exhibitions include Pinacotheque, National Academy of Fine Arts, Tbilisi, Georgia (1991); University of Siviglia, Spain (1989); 39° Art Exhibition G.B. Salvi, University of Urbino, Palazzo Oliva, Sassofferrato, Italy (1989); and the Municipal Art Exhibition, Catanzaro, Italy (1988).

In addition, the artist has also been chosen to participate in Biennales including the 1999 national Georgian Art Biennale in Tbilisi organized by curator Zurab Samkharaze. Budello was also selected to participate in the city Biennale, Riano, Italy (1988). Select public collections include Pinacotheque, National Academy of Fine Arts, Tbilisi, Georgia.

February 2016




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